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Megan Racing Inc. is always looking for vehicles to test fit our development products! You can refer to the list below to see if your vehicle is the one we're looking for. If so, please read the terms & conditions and fill out the test fit application to be considered.

Vehicle Requirements

‣Completely match listed conditions (I.e. Make/Model/Year/Grade...)
‣Vehicle must have stock body.
‣Vehicle must have full stock suspension unless otherwise noted.
‣ Vehicle must be in street legal condition.
‣If the vehicle has any other modifications, please provide details in the test fit application.


‣Megan Racing Inc. reserves the right to decide and refuse which vehicles borrow for R&D purposes.
‣Megan Racing Inc. will not provide a rental vehicle to the lender during testing.
‣All product testing and development must be performed at Megan Racing USA headquarters by authorized personnel. Test vehicle owners must be local and willing to drop off the vehicle at Megan Racing's R&D facility.
‣The vehicle must be in completely stock condition for product development.
‣Megan Racing Inc. will borrow the vehicle at least three times (3-5 days per) for measurement, test fitment, and test drive (street and freeway only).
‣Lender must agree that pictures of the vehicle may be posted on Megan Racing's website, social media, and/or advertisements.
‣Vehicle will be inspected by both lender and Megan Racing personnel before and after testing to ensure that no damage was caused by Megan Racing Inc. All prior damage will be documented by Megan Racing Inc. and signed for by the lender.
‣Megan Racing Inc. does not guarantee that the tested prototype/mass production product will be provided to the lender.
‣In the case of damage to any part of the vehicle caused during testing, it is the lender's sole responsibility to claim all damages at the time of pick up only. No damage claims will be valid once the vehicle leaves the premises.
‣Lender agrees that the tested prototype/mass production product cannot be sold, modified, removed within the first 90-days of testing. Failing to abide will result in the lender paying FULL PRICE for said product.
‣Megan Racing Inc. will repair only the damaged parts claimed at the time of pick up. The lender cannot request for repairs on damaged parts not caused during testing.
‣Lender acknowledges that the vehicle matches the required application (year, make, and model), is legal for street use, has factory suspension unless noted otherwise, and still retain its factory body.

Please fill out a test fit application if you are interested in lending us your vehicle:


We are looking for the following vehicles:
Product Make Model Year Details
Lowering Springs ACURA TL 2009-2014
Lowering Springs AUDI A3 2015+
Lowering Springs AUDI A4 2009-2016 FWD
Lowering Springs BMW Z4 2009-2016
Lowering Springs BMW E90/92 2006-2013 NON-M AWD
Lowering Springs BMW X6 (E71) 2008-2014
Lowering Springs BMW 3-SERIES 2013-2017 NON-M
Lowering Springs CHEVROLET SPARK 2009-2015
Lowering Springs FORD FOCUS 2012+
Lowering Springs FORD FUSION 2010-2012
Lowering Springs FORD FLEX 2009-2013
Lowering Springs HONDA CRV 2017+
Lowering Springs HONDA HRV 2016+
Lowering Springs INFINITI M37 2011+ RWD
Lowering Springs KIA RIO 2012-2017
Lowering Springs MERCEDES C-CLASS 2014+ AWD & RWD
Lowering Springs NISSAN JUKE 2011+
Lowering Springs NISSAN ALTIMA 2013+
Lowering Springs SUBARU LEGACY 2010-2015
Lowering Springs SCION XB 2015+
Lowering Springs TOYOTA CAMRY 2012-2017 NON-SE
Lowering Springs TOYOTA MATRIX 2009-2014
Lowering Springs TOYOTA PRIUS 2016+